It is now clear that different people will come with very different inputs at VITAL GATE!

Some people will come up with demands and pressure and no contribution!

Some others will come with ease, kindness, participation and floods of gratitude!

This means that the energy impact on VITAL GATE will be vary a lot depending on who comes!

My natural impulse today is to reinstate a sliding scale but this time, I set it up and I determine the price based on a few factors.

• What's the level of participation
• Ease
• Tribe coherence
• Flexibility
• Need for privacy
• Etc

and really look at it case by case!

If someone comes with special requests, pay more.

If you want to be here without participation, pay more.

High contribution and participation and ease, pay less.

At thus stage, I have no idea if this is the way to go but it definitely makes total sense in so many ways!!!

I need direct answers on that!

At first sight it feels like a solid possibility.

It is sliding scale but I suggest where on the sliding scale someone will be positioned according to how much energy they take and what they bring.

Is this the way to go?

Help with that!!!

Thank you!!!

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