"There was tons of chemistry and flirting - We held hands the whole night and never stopped laughing and talking!"

Over the last month, this woman turned her whole dating life around. I had to share her story!

"I've used quite a few of the resources on your site and found them all really helpful. I especially liked the e-book (How to get a man), and I'm very grateful to you for making them available for people like me to use.

Tonight I had my 6th date with Steve - And we've spent over 30 hours together this week, so it obviously worked! I found the biggest help was your advice to get confidence in myself, and not be afraid to take the risk. I know it's not easy to find confidence but if I can do it, anyone can. I'm a much happier person now, not only because I got a date with the person I've liked for so long, but because I now have self-belief, and other areas of my life are also improving due to this.

I have my 7th and 8th dates with Steve today (Saturday) and tomorrow! I guess I'll be switching to VitalCoaching Relationships now, rather than dating!

Thanks again!!"


Now, you might think: "Nice success story!"

Well, there is more to it!

What strikes me is that one month ago she was describing her situation in these words:

"I think there's no point in me asking him out - He'd say no - but I still want to tell him how I feel."

"There are a couple of things that make me think that Steve doesn't like me. My ex has said that Steve said some nasty things about me in the past."

"Whenever Steve comes to my house it's like he's desperate to get away. He always parks his car in the middle of the road so if I try to talk to him he says he can't stop because his car's blocking the road."

"I'll give it a try, but I'm not optimistic."

Guess what?

You were wrong!

Not only does he actually like you, you are now dating!

You overcame whatever was on the way and got what you wanted the most!

Tell yah! Impressive!

Well done!

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