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"Thanks a lot. I will use that info. You are great for helping me an other people!! thanks again" - MB

"Thank you so much for the reply I just received. I truly appreciate your time. I am adding your site to my favourite panel. Thank you very much, again :)" - Stephanie

"Thank you for your input! I will keep thinking about this" - Lauren - US

"Talking to you was a real honour. I really wanted to send you an email to thank you as I was really grateful for the
opportunity to talk to you at least. You did indeed live up to the kindness on your face and the compassion in the photograph which is a great thing as you have this great quality on a large scale with the knowledge and intelligence and strength! A good combination. With my best wishes for now and again thank you" -
Susie - Norway

"You know what? When I am reading your messages, I read them and in my mind I see Dr. Phil speaking. It is kinda funny
- but you make more sense than that man does! I like your advice!" -
Billy - US

"Thanks for the advice, I think you really got it.... " - Toad - US

"Thanks for the advice. When I read that she is not that core of my life it really hit home and made me realize how I was seeing her as the centre of my life. I feel some relief by realizing that is not the case" - Dylan - US

"You seem like a very smart guy!" - Brearna - US

"Thank you for your advice. I know I need to be strong and independent." Sweetharmony - US

"Thanks for your kind reply" - Poly

"Thank you so much for your vote of confidence. I found that in the past when I specifically discounted my own instinct I ended up getting hurt so I'm going with my instinct, and taking what comes of that. Friends and lovers will come and go, but I will still have to get up in the morning and look at myself in the mirror and I want to like that person. Thank you!" - Wingsonfeet

"Thank you for the sensible and decent message it has meant a lot to me. I can only pray I can have you as a coach if I can get the finances to accomplish this" - ST - Norway

"Thanks I am trying really hard to get my power and my self esteem up. You'll be happy to know I talked to my bf about a lot of things the other night and we are back to being a happy couple again thanks so much for your time" - Madders

"Thanks for your vital coaching. I would never dismiss an advice from a guy that looks like you do. I think you're right, gotta keep it light... " - Princesa - Somewhere in Europe

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