I am right now experimenting with hormone names and feeling on the impact these have on me.

Neuroscience is complex and we still don't know the full details of what goes on biochemically inside of us.

We have glimpses, pieces of information!

There is much more to learn that we didn't yet tap into.

A hormone name connects you with the actual energy of that biochemical.

Can you overdo it?

Can you make mistakes and get too much of a certain quality?

I don't have the full science and don't know yet the exact details of what each hormone does.

Right now, I am already playing with 20+ different hormone names and I have a code defining term for each hormone.

I am naturally attracted to certain terms or qualities more than others.

I feel that eventually, my body and mind need more of all of them and as I start building a deeper connection with the energies of these hormones, my body and mind want to take more of them in.

Can I overdo it?

I listen to my energy wisdom.

My reasoning ability is hand in hand with my energy wisdom which is my instincts, feelings, insights, impressions, intuition.

This seems to work so far.

These energies are subtle and intelligent.

This means that they go right where they are needed.

It is the same as food.

I tune in and listen to what I feel like eating within certain boundaries.

I have mental information that complements my body wisdom with food choices.

This intuitive aspect is essential in this process of energetic integration.

I listen, try, experiment!

For instance I buy fresh herbs and blend them with lemon and ginger.

I don't know the exact impact of these fresh herbs like parsley or coriander but these greens drinks feel really good in my body.

That's what matters most.

Same works with hormone names.

So far, these names seem to have a strong energetic impact on my mind and energy.

I don't need to have the full details and rational information about them to use them.

I trust my instinct and simply go for it.

My energy gives me signals on which direction to take, what quality to focus on.

Being afraid of making mistakes can lock you in fear and stop your exploration.

To learn, you must experiment a bit and maybe receive some guidance from those who have extra info and experience.

You need to understand that these qualities work inside of you whether you understand them or not.

You have been doing that for your whole life.

You have been taking actions to get a certain biochemical reward.

Why do you go for a walk?

Because you feel you have to, or want to.

Yes, you mentally know that it is good as well, because of the fresh air and the energy it gives you.


There is a combination of instinct and information in the steps you take.

Suddenly you get a bit cold and decide to get back inside, right?


Because of the cold feeling.

That's biofeedback.

You listen to your senses.

When you engage in energetic exploration, you have the same guiding system active inside of you.

The difference is that the sensations are subtle, more refined!

You develop your inner listening ability over time and trust your instinct.

I often just try to use a new superfood, fresh herb or something else just because it feels good.

I trust my instinct.

Yes, sometimes I might make some mistakes.

I don't call them mistakes, I call them life experiences.

If I eat a raw dish and my digestion feels uncomfortable after that, I will separate the ingredients and track back what creates the discomfort.

For instance, after using one of the hormone names the other day, I was feeling a lot of energy.

I took a pause to digest these energies before doing any more invocations of that specific quality.

Get it?

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