So, heading to the UK nov 11! No worries still almost 10 days to activate New York' bliss vibe! still - But already planning my London adventures - I have 2 offers

The first one is for hosts in London and maybe the rest of the UK - Remember that I offer unlimited coaching when you host me - More about that in the link below - 

The next offer is to present VITAL Sex workshops - Other workshops could work too but it seems that the Vital Sex theme has taken off like wild fire here in New York - If you set up an event for me, I come and deliver the content - details are easy to figure out - My main priority is to bring this exciting new system to those who need it - check these few posts

Of course, if you want one on one sessions, simply meet, invite me to some events and more, feel free to connect! I want to hear from you! Love you!

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