As you activate positive vibes through this SEXUAL FREEDOM TACTICS, challenging emotions might come to the surface.

It could be tears, laughter, sadness, anger and so on.

These emotions are an emotional release!

As energy works through you and activates you, these undigested patterns are freed and appear on the surface of your mind as emotional releases.

Sometimes, these releases might take place on the spot during sessions but there could be as well a delay and a release on a larger scale.

It can touch a whole community, the group who is activating these techniques, a place, etc.

These emotional releases can be felt as mood energetic winds.

People might feel suddenly vulnerable or extra sensitive.

You might see conflict patterns emerging, sadness or other triggered emotions popping out!

See how it works?

Other factors could as well influence these energy releases like astrological patterns, or simple organic energetic releases.

I call these ENERGY WINDS.

They are like moods emerging a bit like a shift in weather.

They pass, come and go.

They are a natural flowing aspect of our human nature.

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