This is the target of VITAL SEX!

It is to enter into these states of EUPHORIA!


That's what you tap into when you get really high on energy!

A state of EUPHORIA is simply an emotional reflection of something much deeper happening which is a state of unity with all life!

Your being can take certain doses of EUPHORIA!

This means that your emotional body can only get to a certain point!

Past that point, you would feel emotionally or energetically destabilized.

With a bit of practice and core activation techniques, you can trigger these states at will and sustain them!

This is like entering an orgasmic trance that flows through your being for extended periods of time, hours or days!

It can even become a permanent state in which you are flooded by high energy continuously!

When you start touching these energetic spheres, you realize as well that these levels of joy, energy and ecstasy are way more precious than anything the material world could offer you!

If you have access to 1 million $ or be in a state of EUPHORIA for the rest of your life, believe me, it is EUPHORIA that scores the highest by far!

EUPHORIA is a fire and the goal is to tame that fire, play with it, activate it at will!

EUPHORIA is simply the reflection of high doses of energy flowing through your system!

It is exhilarating!

And it scores probably way higher than any orgasm you ever had because of the permanent or semi permanent nature of this experience!

As higher volumes of energy stream through you, your ECSTASY MUSCLES get used to it and you expand further as you grow further in higher levels of life force!

You naturally expand your emotional potential, your emotional space and this allows you to take higher and higher levels of bliss!

As your energy expands, your radiance and impact on others expands too!

This means that your energy is contagious, you naturally share it with others because you overflow with radiance and energy!

You might have noticed that I reframe certain words that I use and call these SUPER POWERS.

In that case, I took the root word EUPHORIA and actualized it in the form UFARIA!

This means that I am giving a new life to an energy so that the neurology for that specific experience is fresh and new!

We create new neuro associations with that specific energy!

It is like resetting our system around it!

So, now when I invoke that energy, it is the code word UFARIA that I use!

I love these new words!

They carry a sort of GALACTIC VIBRATION in them!

By activating them, I am inviting new alien energies in our human consciousness!

I believe that this is how we have been evolving as a human race for millions of years, since we emerged from our animal nature and started becoming humans.

We entered in the space age 50 years ago!

As we tap into visions of space travel and contact with other life forms in our galaxy, we naturally develop new ideas and energetic connections in us that are guided by higher powers on the inner levels.

I call this specific set of codes STAR 1 because they are associated with a new aspect of our consciousness.

As we integrate these new energies we start integrating as well the idea that we are a GALACTIC RACE!

Our planet is floating in this GALAXY but we usually remain Earth based in our consciousness simply because this is where our consciousness is polarized.

STAR 1, these new codes of evolution are new mind patterns that reposition our point of consciousness reference in the center of our GALAXY and brings familiarity to the idea of us as GALACTIC RACE.

As you can see, there is a big plan behind the VITAL SEX idea!


This means that the main point of reference for our consciousness is shifted from Earth based to GALACTIC BASED.

If you try to comprehend these concepts mentally, it can be challenging because when you mentalize them they might be based on a mental idea rather than an experience that you didn't have yet!

In the sessions we have using energy techniques we start activating this energies as real experiences!

You step progressively into a new energy reality that shifts your paradigms.

The concepts follow an experience!

The reason why I am sharing these ideas is not because I made them up as concepts!

They come directly from an experience, a set of realizations which have been naturally unfolding over the last few years.

These are the kind of ideas and energies we will be focusing on in the coming events and activations!

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