Death and the entering in the after life are not a mistake of existence but the glorification of life.

Nitya Shakti is the direct ray that transmits your spirit to its after life location.

One of these possible locations is paradise - beyond the romantic vision of paradise, there is a real energetic transfer to an actual multidimensional energetic location - This location is Shamballa and souls are organized in circles.

These circles can be seen as human life nurseries in which beings are prepared for incarnation.

When incarnation happens, the soul is the seed, the message or the incarnation plan for this specific being.

Shamballa is in direct alignement with the solar logos. Each human is a seed of life belonging to the energy body of Shamballa.

The memory of this pure energy state before incarnation is in every human being and when someone leaves their body, they naturally go back to their source in Shamballa.

When a soul reaches Shamballa, it carries with it the experiences of a life time. It brings back life codes with it which are the sum of everything this being experienced in that incarnation.

Nitya Shakti is the perfected transition process that takes the soul back to its Shamballa source.

The soul is like the juice if life that carries the code of one existence back to Shamballa.

Nitya Shakti summarizes everything that happens in that transition event.

Make this transition into the after life a conscious creative process. Death can be consciously designed like any other aspect of existence. Leaving the body can be the most amazing blissful experience.

It is time to remove the taboos, fears and anxieties surrounding the after life transition.

We can call this the ascension. The climbing of the path that goes straight to paradise in this highway of energy.

Ascension is a glorification of life exactly the way birth is.

The reason why we have been programmed to fear this process as human beings is because it needed to remain behind the veil!

Preservation instinct keeps the human race alive.

Am energetic fence is separating thee two realms to keep us from venturing away from manifested existence.

Once the process is revealed, the experience of ascending becomes fundamentally different!

In this ascension process, a few unexpected things could happen.

The first one is the return of the instinctual nature to a child like state as if the ascension was in fact another birth process.

The second thing is that the ascension can be such a liberating process that it turns into an ecstatic, glorifying experience.

This can happen because the nitya shakti or ray of eternal life being transmitted is a freeing powerful life force energy that frees the body and mind and creates space.

In fact if it is triggered consciously and in the right way, the ascension will be the most incredible, powerful, liberating and beautiful life experience one can have.

It is as if every glimpse of bliss in life was only small bite size experiences to this final ascension step!

The sounds the ascending person makes might go from pain like sounds, to peace release sounds to glorification and intense energetic experience.

The ascending person enters into a trance state which can trigger intense energetic pleasure and release.

If you happen to be in the presence of such event, you will experience energy, freedom and even pleasure through energetic resonance with the ascending person!

We are now very far away from the traditional vision if death. We talk now about a radically different experience. In fact it is actually the exact opposite to what someone might expect!

The leftover anxiety related with programmed fears of the unknown can easily be wiped out as the ascending person is bathed into grace and bliss!

This whole ascension process is an intense activation of the body and the mind and can resemble an orgasmic experience in the sounds and energy involved.

The person ascending will go through her whole life in reverse, accessing back the stages of childhood innocence and even new born baby just before finally leaving the body.

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