Another essential aspect of life mastery!


The core idea is that fights are not bad by themselves!

You on't have to suppress them!

You just need to use conflicting situations in ways that are wiser than what we do right now on a planetary level!

Sometimes, activating and sustaining a fight can be a perfectly valid energy building technique!

Think about waking up in the morning and feeling a bit triggered by your partner and engaging in a wild fun playful pillow fight!

It works, right!

And gets you to have great make up sex after that!!

How does it work?

It works because playful fight is a way to create connection!

Softer ways of flirty fights are teasing and challenging!

Another way to soft engage in fights is to create fight simulations or fight games!

Creating a ring space and getting two big guys to hit each other in the face for an hour, that's an actual sport! It allows you to get rid of the extra testosterone in a "safe" way.

That's not my favorite way of doing it works for some!

Pillow fight is softer but definitely gets rid of some tension if needed.

You have so many more YUDHA YAMA - VITAL FIGHTS techniques that we consciously use in the VITAL TANTRA system!'

I won't dive into the detailed techniques because we need to do that live so that there is no misunderstanding and clarity about these approaches.

The key is this:

As a human race we need to figure out the codes to solve, harmonize or use conflicts and fights is wise, clear and powerful ways.

That's the key message!

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