Daka request - urge and desire to receive, or be served with sexual activation and sexual healing

Score 80%

Good points

  • connection
  • respect
  • focus
  • presence
  • impact
  • fun
  • etc
Aspects to develop?

  • Simply experience
  • More confidence
  • More understanding of the process
  • More knowledge and clearer structure
Basically, everything was perfect the way it was!!!

All that is missing is experience, knowledge, clear vision or activation strategy, total power, presence and confidence.

The key word is ACTIVATION TACTIC!!!

That's what I need to expand on as well!

Have super clear and solid activation tactics!!!


Is yoni massage the right release technique and in what exact cases?

I know exactly what she wants which is power, freedom, ability to access her pleasure, etc.

My impression is that massage, energetic activation and sexual activation would lead to that result.

So it is possible that yoni massage is not the right technique or maybe it is.

I need guidance on that.

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