It is an energy form in the same way as fire, power or love are.

Penetrating the energy of money means reconquering a certain energy field on this planet that is corrupted, hurt, unhealed.

It is a similar situation to the sexual energy, right?

If sexual energy is wounded and corrupted, by clearing it through specific activations, we give it a new fresh impulse.

  • Money
  • Wealth
  • Abundance
  • Prosperity

Again, one of those fields where perspectives are extremely divided.

In some circles, being wealthy is the greatest obstacle to spiritual evolution.

In some others, it is exactly the opposite and money and abundance are embraced like anything else.

Money is and stays a shadow in human consciousness if we don't embrace it and hide it as if it was a shameful energy to be afraid of.

The more we reject it, the more it is discarded in the shadow aspects.

Money is an energy that you need to conquer and master like any other aspect of human life.

It is not just that, it is as well harmonizing relationships to and around money, integrity with transactions, honoring, respecting, being true and right with this.

Now, that you have the mantra and the codes and the idea, you see that the blockage has been removed and the energy of ISISA does penetrate this field and harmonizing it.

Money is an intelligent energy, a shadow, energetic space that must be mastered exactly like anything else.

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