Experimenting with that one right now

  • noni
  • ginger
  • fresh tumeric
  • banana for sweetness
  • habanero peper
  • lime
  • mint


  • Drink straight filtered liquid
  • Freeze it in small cubes for later use
  • Mix with smoothies
  • Mix with deserts
  • Mix with coconut water
  • Mix with coconut cream and sirsak juice

This is a highly activating drink!


Why would you even use noni powder or turmeric pills separately when you can have these simple ingredients in elixirs like this one that have 5x to10x stronger impact!

A few hours ago is the first time I try this recipe.

I tried small shots so far and mixed with sirsak juice + coconut cream to create a delicious hot smoothie like drink!

I feel clear, high, fresh in my head, activated!

Love it!

Looks like I just tapped into a whole new powerful set of simple activations nutrition techniques.

I feel that this will bring massive energetic clarity in my life.

I fee a whole new world and reality opening up!

I can see taking energy journeys with this.

Using these activating elixirs before doing vital force or vital sex activations for instance.


I dedicate the magic of these elixirs to GALACTIVATION!

This is a new era of magic and bliss!

May humankind enter in a new cycle of joy, bliss and beauty!


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