Guys, don't let a break up ruin your life!


It has been more than 3 years now since I coached a man for the first time on break up recovery.

Breaks up are tough. If you are married, it is even tougher because of the legal aspects involved in it.

There is always two aspects to a break up.

The first one is the emotional one.

The second is the material or legal one.

If you are not married, it is of course much easier because you don't have to go through any legal divorce battle.

(Did you know by the way that 80% of divorces do actually get "dirty".)

If you are struggling with legal issues, there is plenty of help available. You can check with a lawyer and you'll usually get straight answers.

Now, when it comes to the emotional side of a separtion or break up, it's a totally different story.

The goal is simple: you want get your full power back as an individual as soon as possible.

There is no need to stay in these "in between" emotional turbulent waters for too long.

The challenge is simple: you want to shift your personal and emotionla base from a "couple" base to an "individual" base.

You know of course how to live as an indivdual.

This is where you were before you entered a relationship.

The goal is to reconnect with this part of yourself.

Get back your power means regaining this personal base as an individual.

This is what I help you with in this e-book.

It is powerful because it gives you direct strategies and mind sets 100% targeted to a break up situation.

Some strategies or approaches never work.

Some others do work.

My goal is simple: make sure that you win this life challenge.

The way you negotiate this curve can put you on a clear succcess line for your future. You want to come out of this as a winner, not a looser. This is what I help you with in this e-book:

How to get your power back after she breaks up

Feel free to get in touch if you need extra ideas or live help.

I do offer as well targeted coaching sessions on this topic.

If I coach you on that, I'll pass you the e-book anyway.

Take care


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