This one is galactic creative power!

It is the ability to get out of the traditional creative grid and really tap into powers beyond the limits of what you tried before!

It is a spontaneous exploration of creative intuitive flow and in each of these actions you experience a download, manifestation of bliss!

Can be through speech, movement, anything!!!

The artistic of creative expression can be a movement of the mind, a thought a sudden emotional shift!

The point is that in any of these moves, life comes through with a new message!

If you feel stacked and want to unleash your creative flow, emotional flow, intuitive actions, that's the mantra to use!

If you get bored in conversations, look for energetic breakthrough, want to free yourself from your rational linear mind, this is it!

If your life is polarized by a square time frame where the juice doesn't get through, if everything is predictable and stacked, this again is the one to use!

About Shiva Rajaya

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