This is a new system or techniques aimed at establishing connection, creating bliss and juice through consciously fighting and engaging the shadow side.

We use emotions like anger, frustration, rage and trigger that in each other to access deeper energies locked in the shadow aspects of our being.

We do that within clear agreements and boundaries and give each other permission to enter that space.

The challenges or attacks can be vocal, physical or energetic.

At this stage, I mainly experimented one on one and of course these techniques will eventually transfer to group practices as well

For most people, being spiritual means transcending what is dark into light.

Within the rajaya tantra system (that's the lineage I initiated in 2012) we dive into these areas of our consciousness and emotions and consciously use that as a source of energy to open space and create freedom.

You live with a mind that embraces both the dark and the light.

We dissolve duality and see everything as various forms of energy.

Conquering your shadow side and using your darkest emotions actually frees you and gives you mastery over your mind.

The techniques I am tapping into right now are aimed at engaging in this exploration within a safe space with respect to yourself others and what's around you.

You have various extremes you can engage into.

If you fully unleash your shadow side, this will lead to too much destruction and not be sustainable.

So we play with various levels of intensity and feel into the sustainable limits of what we and our environment can sustain.

YUDHA YAMA is the mantric code I use to unlock these mind sets.


I will dive deeper into the techniques I use so far in future posts.

The power, freedom and bliss that I have seen unleashed when we use these techniques is fantastic.

It is total unlocking of forces energies we don't usually access!

more on this coming soon 

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