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You know, the way I work is in freedom, space and spontaneity. It means that I tune into the people who are present and we cocreate all that together in a spontaneous flow. So, that's very different than the traditional programs or teachings you have been exposed to.

We have a target, which is life mastery for all those who are present and we simply do whatever it takes.

If I was focusing on a given set of mantras or yoga poses with rules and guidelines set up in a rigid way, we would miss the spontaneous juice of the synergic power we create together.

The agenda is way vaster than myself or something I can control. If I set up the event free the way I do, we will rise to an incredible space of power, life fore, energy juice!

All you have to do is trust and start playing.

Financially, my instinct tells me to set it up as donation based. This means that we function within unlimited streams of generosity that link us as a tribe. There is no pressure, no demand on that level. If you are broke you keep your money for food and basic needs. If you need money to even be there, the tribe might even provide for you. If you are super rich you sponsor me or others in this adventure. The spirit works it out.

Again, in this space, it is free flow and I trust that each person has the power to feel into it with authenticity and generosity.

I know again that it's not the traditional model you would expect but that that's the way it works best in many spiritual systems. There is simply no commercial agreement because we are beyond or outside of commercial systems.

This is an experiment! It is not a fixed format! It evolves spontaneously with the flow of life and circumstances. For instance if I meet someone who requires lots of attention and focus with scheduled sessions, I will charge, same if you are financially rich or focus on very specific money making targets - I feel into it and intuitively respond to it.

That's a new model that I am experimenting now in my events.

It doesn't apply to the coaching that I do with my clients, groups or the products that I sell online. With these I still function within clear commercial agreements, which means that I get paid for what I do.

The new model that I talk about which is free flow applies to spontaneous exchanges I have with people I meet on my journeys, when you host me or when you join me on some of my journeys.

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