This is exactly how miracles work!

It is by tapping in the galactic grid rather than the earth's grid!

When you are in the earth's grid, you stay within human like limitations

Within the earth's grid, you have higher channels of energy which are the high energy vortexes or energy lines that lead to optimization.

This means that the energetic grid is complex on a planetary level.

It's not just one network with the same vibration everywhere.

Because that grid is sustained by human beings and human consciousness, the peaks and drops depend on people's abilities, powers, levels of consciousness.

It is a moving organic, conscious and alive net of energies.

When you shift to galactic grid, you enter in a whole new dimension of possibilities!

Because that grid is sustained by races which are way more advanced than the Earth race, the possibilities are multiplied by thousands!

All sorts of skills and powers that seem supernatural on planet earth are common sense in the galactic grid.

All you have to do is shift your points of references and reframe what is possible and what is not.

What you believe is possible or not simply has to do with your conditioning and education.

If you are a baby, you don't know what's possible and what is not.

It is as you grow that you are exposed to a certain energetic landscape.

It is this landscape that conditions your reality and belief system.

Your belief system is a set of thought patterns, neuro pathways that sustain your mind.

It is an architecture!

It is a belief system!

Now imagine that the galactic grid is a radically different belief system based on a very different set of rules.

You have a being like the Christ which incarnates through a body called Jesus.

This Christ being is based on galactic consciousness.

This is why Christ consciousness is galactic in essence.

It is not Earth based!

It is galactic based!

So, when this being incarnates, it brings galactic consciousness into manifestation and with it all the super natural miracles.


Because the Earth's set of rules don't apply to the Christ!

He is based on the Galactic grid!

The Earth's grid is like the Earth's human consciousness. It is the collective consciousness.

In this consciousness, you have access points, gateways to galactic consciousness or galactic grid.

On the earth, they are parallel universes that coexist.

You can be on planet Earth and be Galactic based while still functioning with part of the Earth's human consciousness or earth's grid.

Most traditions are Earth based!

It means that the aim is a life optimization within planetary rules.

You don't need to tap in the galactic grid to evolve as a human being and do yoga for instance.

When you tap into the galactic grid, everything speeds up!

You tap into the future!

Not just elements of it!

You tap into the experience of thousands or millions of human like races across the galaxy who have been following their own pathways of evolution.

When the race is young, that race's consciousness stays mainly on the planet they are on.

This means that they have very little impact on the galactic grid.

As a race evolves, the galactic impact becomes stronger and power increases!

The most evolved races are the ones holding the galactic grid because they represent the models of evolution and already mastered way more than us as a human race.

This means that the Earth's human race relates to more evolved races as teaching race.

There is a transmission from evolved races to us.

In the same way, when we evolve, we will be transmitting our knowledge or influence to other less evolved races across the galaxy.

This is not some form of rational linear effort!

It just happens in an organic way, following streams of intuitive consciousness!

It is NOT a rational planning based on mental decisions.

The process is way more intuitive and fluid, like life!

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