NAKSHATRA simply means STAR.

This mantra invokes your star body, the mind sets, the energy anatomy you need to develop to function beyond this planet Earth.

I know... For some of you this might sound like a joke and that's ok.

Now, for those of you who are open to the idea of galactic federation, heard stories of abduction from close friends or have this internal deep feeling that we are surrounded by alien forms, this mantra is for you.

As for the other life powers I shared so far, this is an access code to that specific type of consciousness and sets of ideas.

It emerged progressively over the last few months as I traveled to the top of Mauna Loa on Big Island / Hawaii, the great pyramids of Egypt, Thailand and now Bali.

If you want to activate these mind sets, possibilities and open your inner channels to these ideas and experiences, that's the mantra to use.

The revelations and insights that will come to you will probably surprise you.

Talking about alien life and what it really looks or feels like is a whole new topic as every person will experience and express their insights in a different way.

I have my own set of ideas concerning this but for now I will simply keep the space open so that everyone can engage in this exploration with a clear mind.

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