Where to go next?


If your life has reached a reasonable level of harmony, and you are well established materially, the next question you can face is: where to go from there.

This is a very common question.

It is very important because you have a natural need to conquer.

Basically, your life never stands still.

A part of you wants to keep on growing and expanding.

This growth can happen on a material or mind level.

You want to expand your awareness, explore new territories and keep on growing as a human being.

This need is a reflection of your will power or "manifestation drive".

Another way to keep on growing is to impact or interact with others: you can do this by creating a family for instance or expanding your sphere of influence to a larger circle of friends or company.

Change and evolution are natural human instincts.

It happens no matter what.

The question is:

"In what direction do you want to grow?"

Your direction is your target.

You can have an infinite number of targets.

You can choose your targets consciously rather than responding to internal or external pressures.

Your instinct knows exactly what you want.

Start by this simple question:

"What is your target?"

Give yourself a week to gather ideas, talk about it with friends and identify what you are truly excited in exploring in for instance the next 5 years.

This is a starting point. It is your first step into your future: defining targets and directions

Take care and enjoy!


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