"I've learned so much about myself"

Here is a nice succes story I just received.

The person who sent it prefers remaining anonymous

"Hello Francisco, I’ve been so intrigued by your website, I’ve learned so much about myself... from some of the topics that you have send out over the months.

Today it is about freedom, something that I’ve wanted for a long time...

I’ve been married for almost 7 years and I was trapped.

Now I’m free from my husband and I feel free, people see me for who I am: a beautiful, vibrant, happy, attractive, smart human being.

One good friend called me a survivor even when I was down.

He said to me yesterday, did I look in the mirror and I was a bit puzzled, and I said well of course I look in the mirror. He said, you know as a man could see me and I said no.

I really don’t know how a man would see me. I love what I see and I love myself very much and I have a whole bunch of goals for 2006… which I want to fulfil. I’ve been so tangled up for so long, but now I feel free…

Yesterday, I rang my ex-husband and told him thank you very much for getting out of my life; it’s the best blessing that he has given me since I was married to him and I wish him the best of luck in his new life.

So thank you very much for the article today, I do appreciate it very much"

Thank you for sharing!


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