"I've never been happier and am having the best relationship of my life!"

An exciting success story I just received:

"Thanks very much -

I found your 'keep it simple' video really helpful and have been totally following your advice: not making demands, not being possessive, giving him plenty of space, and not expecting anything of him.

It works!!

The relationship is going from strength to strength, and we see each other 4 nights a week. The nights he doesn't see me he rings up saying how much he misses me, and saying how much he loves being with me and spending time with me. We have so much fun together, and never stop laughing, but we care very deeply for each other too.

I realise it's early days, so I'm not rushing anything and am still taking one day at a time, but at the moment everything's brilliant.

I really hope other people follow your advice because, take it from me, it really does work!! I've never been happier and am having the best relationship of my life!

Thanks again!!


Whaou! I'm impressed! Well done!

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