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I am launching a new idea and I would like to work on it with other like minded persons.

It is very simple and direct!

The goal is to get together and solve some key major challenges you and your friends might be facing.

This works as well if you are part of an organization and feel you and your colleagues need a boost or some new strategies.

The next step is to get together for one or more evenings (2 hours events) and discover new solutions and strategies to solve the specific challenges you and your friends face.

If this resonates with you, send me an email at or call me.

I'll tell you more about my ideas and simple and direct ways to set this up.

I do have a concept now and I would love to work on this together with you.

Here are some examples that I think would get you and your friends impressive results:

  • You are a woman and you and your female friends struggle to make your love life work. It's either you have boyfriends but don't manage to make your relationships work or you simply feel isolated and don't know how to connect with men.

  • You work in a team and you feel lots of tensions and miscommunication. You would like to clear the channels and create a frictionless team for better results.

  • Your relationship is not giving you what you want and you know a few couples who struggle with the same type of issues. You are looking for solutions and new ideas.

  • As a man, you struggle to stay in good shape and your friends feel the same. You try to navigate through stressful professional and family demands while keeping your body in good shape.

  • You feel that the life targets you had 5 years ago no longer work. You and your friends are looking for new meaning and direction with your lives.

  • Etc.

These are only some of the potential topics we could cover!

There is much more of course.

At this stage, these events could be free or for fee depending on the topics and set up.

Again, the first step is to call me or email at

I know this is an exciting opportunity for all those involved and it is just a matter of time before it comes to life.

If this resonates with you and you like the idea of working together, get in touch, ok?

Take care


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