How to make sure that taking care of your diet does not become a full time job! - TIP

One key word:


When you want to eat healthy you might be tempted to spend hours in the kitchen or drive for miles through busy streets to reach that exclusive health food store.

All these patterns ad stress and extra stress is the last thing you want when shifting eating habits.

In fact you want to simplify everything!

  • Eat more raw!
  • Aim for good not perfect!
  • Simpler and smaller meals!
  • Very simple recipes!
  • Etc.

The nutrition tips you discover in the Stay fit pages are all aimed at simplifying your life while making you healthier and energized!

Now, there are tricks and simple ways to do that.

I'll come back soon with more simple recipes (nothing fancy, just tricks to prepare healthy food :)) + Great tips to maintain healthy nutrition habits.

For now, remember this simple guideline:


It will save you lots of time and stress :)

To your vitality!


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