Is Sanskrit a better language than English for spiritual development? - ARTICLE

These are questions that comes back often:
  • Why not simply use English words for meditation?
  • What is so special about Sanskrit?
  • Does Sanskrit really work better than English or is it just a made up idea?

Here are some answers:

  • Yes, you can use English words for meditation, prayer or any other spiritual practice!

Will English words work as good as Sanskrit?

In my experience, I did get better results with Sanskrit, but that's just me.

The results I talk about are not related with a rational choice. I had many mystical experiences which were linked with focusing on Sanskrit words over a few days periods or longer.

  • Sanskrit is a special language because it contains thousands of divine names and concepts expressing inner realities.

In English, you have words like: God, Divine, Absolute, Lord and that's about it.

Of course you can dive deeper and reconnect with the divine essence of English. You can rediscover words and expressions which carry a specific vibration. It does work.

You do have as well other spiritually rich languages like Hebrew, Arabic, Ancient Greek, Latin, etc.

  • No, it is not a made up idea. It is an experience!

If you go to certain parts of the Himalayas, everyone you meet is in some kind of spiritual journey. As soon as you start talking with even a total stranger, it really feels like something magical starts happening.

This part of of the world is like a magnetic center for those seeking spiritual connection.

If you walk through the Rockies or the Swiss Alps, the mystical dimension can of course still be there. However, you might find it more challenging to connect with it.

If you meet someone on the path, it might be a hunter or mountain biker. People walk these mountains for many reason and spiritual quest is only one of them.

Invisible temples are everywhere but in the Himalayas, people have been dedicating their lives to spiritual quest for thousands of years.

Most Himalayan mountains are named after divinities: Nanda Devi (Nanda = Bliss , Devi = Spirit), Narayana Parbat (Narayana = name of Vishnu), Nilakantha (Nilakantha = The blue throated one = One of the names of Shiva) all refer to divine attributes of a God or Goddess.

Lets' take another example, if you want to connect with a spiritual dimension in you, what do you feel works best? Taking a trip to visit the stock exchange in Wall Street or visiting a remote Buddhist monastery in Thailand?

This means that certain places are more likely to give you some form of mystical realization than others, right?

A language works in the same way.

It is a whole energy reality.

When you connect with it, you enter a universe of experiences and connect as well with the subtle emotions and impressions of those who used that language before you.

In other terms, a language is a gateway. It is like a key.

Now, if you use the word "Love" in English and meditate on it for a few days or months, I am sure that the vibration of Love will start increasing in you.

It works with any language.

Every language is divine or cosmic in essence.

If Sanskrit works for you, great! Keep using it and explore its many dimensions!

If Sanskrit does not resonate with you, no problem, try English or any other language you feel attuned to.

The technique you use is only a gateway. It is a key.

Yes! The key that matches your mind set could be a simple word like "Love" or "Light".

Explore! Experiment! You are free!

Many pathways lead you to the same place :)

To your life power!


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