10 key ways to express your love - ARTICLE

These are simple active ways to express your love towards nature, persons, friends, family, cultures, animals...

You can call these "acts of kindness"

Here is how you can see love:

"Love is the recognition of a common essence"

"You see your essence in someone else or another living form"

Here are simple active ways to express your love:

  • Look in the eyes

When you interact with someone, look straight and deep in the eyes. It's magical and connects your essences.

  • Physical contact

Any occasion you have to physically touch someone, do it! Hug! Hand shake! kiss!

  • Call!

Or initiate contact in whatever way you can.

  • Listen!

This allows others to share and know you hear them.

  • Embrace differences!

Never reject someone because they have a different opinion, belief or culture than yours. Our human essence goes beyond these differences. You are first human!

  • Validate!

Yes! Compliment! Point out the positives. Be actively thankful for another person's input in your life.

  • Help!

Give a hand when any living being need it. Nature, animals or humans.

  • Share!

Share what you have with those who need it. Give!

  • Protect!

Animals! Kids! Nature!

  • Free!

Offer and stimulate freedom as a gift!



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