Monsanto documentary on ARTE (German-French TV)

Watch ARTE on Tuesday

Dear friends,

If you have access to ARTE tv, and have some free time Tuesday evening, then don't miss this important documentary: "The World According to Monsanto".

A groundbreaking TV documentary about the chemical and biotech industry giant, Monsanto, airs for the first time on pan-European television station ARTE, March 11 at 9pm.

Made by French filmmaker Marie-Monique Robin, winner of the 'Albert Londres' award for journalists, the documentary paints a grim picture of the world's biggest and most invasive chemical and biotech multination that will leave you feeling angry.

US-based Monsanto provides 90 percent of the world's GM seeds -- and seems set on gaining complete control of the world's seed and food markets. By aggressively buying up seed companies, Monsanto will ensure that natural seeds are replaced with their genetically modified crops.

Because Monsanto's seeds are patent protected, farmers will not only have to pay for their seeds, they will become dependent upon them -- beginning the slide into poverty and being exposed to the health impacts of agro-chemicals associated with Monsanto's GM crops.

Numerous health and environmental nightmares have been linked to the company. Marie-Monique Robin traces Monsanto's disastrous legacy; interviewing witnesses from around the globe, confronting government officials and GM promoters, and trying to speak with Monsanto bosses themselves. Monsanto, of course, refused to provide an interview.

130,000 people joined our cyberaction against GM crops in Europe. Commissioners know we are watching them. But massive pressure from the GM industry and the European Commission's President Barroso is threatening to let GMOs pass into Europe, to roll over Environment Commissioner Dimas' objections and our rights.

Thanks again,
Greenpeace GE campaign team

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