US - 2008 - Tour! - pass the word ;)

maybe this will inspire you to pass the word ;)

I like the idea of touring and helping people empower their lives wherever I go.

I have been doing that in the past and it works just great.

The idea? I go wherever needed as long as there is a demand.

If I know of a few people in your area or friends you know who could use my help, I am happy to visit them and stay with them for a few days.

It's live! It's fun and spontaneous.

What I need from my contacts is simply to pass the word.

This network needs to be active for this to work.

It can as well be as simple as going to the logical or simplest next step and from one place heading to meet my next contact.

I think this could be a massively transformative trip not just for me for all those I will meet.

This is the idea.

In general, when I stay somewhere, I am happy to offer some free coaching in exchange of that stay. If there is some deeper project to work on, then we can set up regular one on one sessions.

I would be as well happy to facilitate small group events 5-20 people.

So, what you can do is simple: in the next couple of weeks, think about people in your network who could take a power boost and solve some deep embeded issues about their lives.

If you meet new persons who tell you about their problems, tell them about me potentially coming to the area.

I know that this can start moving things for people. I think that the more you get involved the more you benefit from that stream.

I know what this is! It is a stream of refreshing energy that really can transform people's lives.

So, yes, that simple!

check your network or the people you meet and put us in touch.

You are one of the catalysts for something like that to take place

I'll super grateful for your help with that ;)

reach me directly at or at 201 984 92 12 (that's my skype number in New York) - If you call from outside the US dial 001 201 984 92 12

Take care and talk to you soon

PS: the dates for now are Oct 16th 2008 to Jan 12th 2009 that's when I will be in the US - arriving to San Francisco - California first

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