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These are short 6 min power kicks that tackle a specific life challenge!

These are keys to boost your personal power and gain a greater sense of ownership over your life

CARPE DIEM! - Seize the day! - 6 min

Want results? - Focus on your top target for 30 days! - 6 min

Train your mind! - Mind Fitness - Mind Gym - 6 min

Why choose life mastery as your life target - 6 min

Life is YOUR game! - Here is how you win! - 6 min

Destroy your limitations! - Persevere! - Fight! - 6 min

Conscious PEACE building! - 6 min

This last one explain a simple technique to erradicate conflity out of your life!

You can use with relationships, friends, colleagues at work. You can practice it and once you are very good idea, you can diplomatically bring back peace where there was potential for tension.

To your power!


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