>>>> How to set goals - WATCH THIS...

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>>>> How to set goals - WATCH THIS...

+ A few key concepts to remember:


So many of the problems you can face come from a lack of clarity in regard to objectives and goals - TIP


The moment your objectives are clearer, it opens the path to success and manifestation.

When your objectives are not clear you can be trapped in conflicting interests and distractions.


Your wish is my command! - TIP

Yes, many forces at play are ready to respond to your orders and directions.

This is what you can understand right now.

Energies respond instinctually to directions and this is the essence of manifesting reality.



You get more of what you focus on - TIP


When your mind is focused on negative possible outcomes, it is negative outcomes you tend to attract.

When you envision success it is succes your tend to attract.

Positiveness attracts positive experiences.

That's the essence of the law of attraction.

I agree! It is not the only element playing a role in manifesting the reality you want but it is one that plays a super important role.

If it is success you want, focus more on success.





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