Listen, something you should know about men... - THIS ONE IS FOR WOMEN


This one is for women!

I hope you are thriving with your love life!

I just finished a new set of articles answering key dating questions many women have been asking.

Here they are:

Are you angry with men? - Why? - TIP

Should you tell him that you want babies? - TIP

Dare to be sexy and still be smart and strong! - TIP

Do guys like it when you are kind with them? - TIP

How to be in love without getting hurt - TIP

Does he like you as a girlfriend or just a friend? - TIP

He suddenly stopped talking to me - Why? - TIP

Well done! I am impressed! - TIP

Blaming or complaining are massive turn offs - TIP

Do you disqualify men too soon? - TIP

Don't ask your best friend for permission to date a guy - TIP

How to REALLY turn on guys - TIP

I want him to love me for who I am - TIP

If you want him to call you back, don't abuse him - TIP

How to deal with a jealous boyfriend - ARTICLE

I dated guys before but never had sex - ARTICLE

How to keep your new relationship exciting - ARTICLE

Enjoy! To your love life and success with men!


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