Chi Nei Tsang - NOTE


What is Chi Nei Tsang? It is an educational process using various hands-on techniques – such as massage, acupressure, and guided breathing – to help people clear negative or unhealthy energies, as well as various toxins, from their internal organs, tissues, and bones, and to transform and recycle these energies to promote physical, emotional, and spiritual health. CNT also uses meditation techniques involving internal awareness of colors and sounds to aid in the detoxification and transformation process. People using CNT have reported a wide variety of health benefits, including the reduction or elimination of chronic abdominal, back, hip, and shoulder pain; headaches; menstrual cramps; sciatica; fibroids; hiatal hernias; infertility; impotence; prostate problems; and much else. CNT has also been used effectively for stress management and health maintenance. I myself have used it to help counteract the AIDS wasting syndrome in a man who had not eaten for three months and was being fed intravenously. After several weeks of CNT, he started eating again and was able to discontinue intravenous feeding.

Mantak Chia, who learned Chi Nei Tsang from one of several Taoist masters he studied with in Thailand, and his wife Maneewan brought CNT to America in 1979 as part of their Healing Tao teachings. These teachings have been transmitted in numerous books, including Chi Nei Tsang and Awaken Healing Light of the Tao. Today there are more than 250 active Healing Tao instructors worldwide as well as some 50 certified CNT practitioners. There are also hundreds of body workers and healers who have integrated some CNT techniques into their own approaches.

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