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This is a list of emotions.

According to Robert Plutchik's psychoevolutionary theory, the basic eight emotions are:

According to Book Two of Aristotle's Rhetoric, the emotions are:

The artificial language Lojban has interjections expressing degrees of these emotions:

  • Simple emotions
  • Complex emotions
  • Pure emotions
  • Propositional attitudes
    • attentive - inattentive - avoiding
    • alertness - exhaustion
    • intent - indecision - refusal
    • effort - no real effort - repose
    • hope - despair
    • desire - indifference - reluctance
    • interest - no interest - repulsion
  • Complex propositional attitudes
    • permission - prohibition
    • competence - incompetence
    • obligation - freedom
    • constraint - independence - resistance to constraint
    • request - negative request
    • suggestion - no suggestion - warning

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