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Pranas are the vital principles of basic energy and subtle faculties of an individual, that sustain physiological processes and are part of the breath control in yoga. There are five 'Pranas' - together termed as 'Prana': Prana, Apana, Vyana, Udana and Samana

The pranas constitute the second sheath (kosa) of a human being (who is essentially the Atman or the Self). The kosas are listed below

1. Annamaya Kosa (Gross Body)
2. Pranamaya Kosa (Vital Air Sheath) <- this the prana referred here above
3. Manomaya Kosa (Mental Sheath)
4. Vigyanamaya Kosa (Intellectual Sheath)
5. Karanamaya Kosa or Anandmaya Kosa (Causal Sheath)

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Prana is the all-pervading vital energy of the universe, according to Hinduism. It is the Indian version of chi.

Sanskrit term for universal energy; used in yoga (pranayama). See also life force, biofield, chi.

The vital breath which sustains life in a physical body; the primal energy or force, of which other forces are manifestations. In the books of Yoga, the prana is described as having five modifications, according to its five bodily functions: prana (which controls the breath), apana (which carries down unassimilated food and drink), vyana (which pervades the entire body), udana (by which the contents of the stomach are ejected through the mouth and the soul, at death, is conducted from the body) and samana (which carries nutrition throughout the body). Prana (with capital P) is also a name of Saguna Brahman, or Brahman with attributes.

Life-breath; the vital force of the body and the universe which sustains life and is the power of animation. Also the exhaling,descent aspect of the prana-shakti.

life breath; vital force of the body and the universe, which sustains life and is the power of animation.

(Skt., = Tib. lung) "Breath"; substance which circulates around the SUBTLE BODY. A similar concept to the Chinese qi.

breath or life-force

the life force that operates the sensory, motor, and physiological mechanisms of the body. When this current is completely withdrawn, the body dies. Partial withdrawal of the life force from the muscles results in relaxation; greater withdrawal, numbness and anesthesia; profound withdrawal, paralysis and immobility; full withdrawal, death.

Life-force Pranayama: Life-force control

Breath, life, light, universal energy.

("life") (i) The life force sustaining the body; (ii) the breath as the external manifestation of the life force. See also Heart of Yoga, Chapter 6.

Life force energy; essence of life; energy of the atom, primarily carried by the inhale breath.

Life force, energy. (pranic is the adjective).

(Sanskrit word meaning “life”): life-force or breath; one of the five main pranas (vital energies), responsible for absorption.

breath of life

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