The first step is AWARENESS


I REALLY think that we are doing great as a human race.

I love our planet!

I love our civilization!

I love the world we live in!

I believe humankind has a bright future!


Some things need to change!

Let's use another term: EVOLVE!

In the RIGHT direction.

One of the core dilemmas society faces is actually a very simple one.

I do believe that right now the core limiting mind set in our civilization is a very simple one:


This is a super simple equation!

Here is what it means to me.

Right now, when confronted with the choice between making more profit or taking care of any living form on this planet, the urge to create more profit still wins!

It is systematic!

This mind set permeates every aspect of society and the world we live in.

Today millions of people DIE around the world because human beings put "more profit" as their top priority.

I believe that right now this is responsible for:
  • Abuses of the pharmaceutical industry
  • The whole swine flu scare
  • The war in Irak
  • Global warming + Climate change
  • The obesity epidemic
  • The way animals are treated in industrial farming
  • Vivisection
  • And so much more!
The key drive behind all that is PROFIT!

Lots of it!

And we are not even talking about survival.

What comes with profit is ACCUMULATION OF WEALTH!

Basically, lots of virtual money sitting somewhere in bank accounts.


We'll chat about that later.

You and I know they are pretty simple the moment we accept to put CARE above PROFIT!


This is how it SHOULD look soon.

The first step is AWARENESS.

Time to WAKE UP on a global scale and stop these denial loops.

We can do better as a human race!

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