Key questions about the new

Here are some more questions concerning the new designs - Please! I am sure you do have suggestions and preferences - I want your feed back - Post your comments below! Thanks!!!

Post links - What format?


When clicking on a specific topic like cravings do you prefer being directed to:
  1. The articles themselves printed one after each other
  2. The list of links to these articles:
  3. List of links with first couple of sentences of the article (same as a above but with short description under each link)

With topics which have rich videos, audios and article content like the "nutrition" topic, is it better to:
  1. Have all content in one page
  2. Divide the content in 4 different pages: Nutrition Ebook, Nutrition Videos, Nutrition Audios, Nutrition articles

List of videos, articles or audios - what is better?
  • Bullet points with not little space between lines
  • paragraphed titles without the bullet list
here is an example of both on this page:


Window size?
  • 800px, 900px, 1000px?
  • full width?
This is a key design choice. Right now all the big portals like MSN or yahoo have a given layout width. which means that if you have a big screen, the content is in the center with two margins on the side.

It seems that this is the accepted design standard.

However, many people wrote that they enjoy the content filling up the TOTALITY of their screen.

What's your personal choice? What do you prefer?


Color of the theme

that's one of the most controversial points in the feed back I got!

There are two tastes:

  • Those who LOVE black!
  • Those who DON'T WANT black and choose for the lighter options.
Here is the break down of your votes:
  • DESIGN 1 - VITAL = 3%
  • DESIGN 2 - BLOGGER = 26%
  • DESIGN 3 - SIMPLE = 27%
  • DESIGN 4 - BLACK = 44%
At first sight, it could look obvious that the black design wins, right?

Well actually, if we group the 4 options by color themes, we get a totally different result.

You have two groups:
  • WHITE + BLUE + RED + BLACK (Designs 1,2 and 3) = 56%
  • BLACK (Design 4) = 44%
Whaou! That's still a relatively close call.

Right now, I still did't make a final decision!

In fact, I even get the feeling that YOU will be choosing the final design that you prefer:

Many people said to use the concept BUT add some color to it.


What do you want to see when you land on a program page?
  • A welcome video
  • A set of links to ebook, videos, audios and articles
  • A set of icons linked to ebooks, videos and audios
  • A detailed bullet point list of everything you can access (that's like 300+ links for some programs - A lot of scrolling down to do)
I have been using two formats: a welcome video or a set of icons linking to the various parts of your program - Both seem to work well

What's your preference?


Catchy navigation links or not?

In vertical menus, I have 3 different options:
  • Simple list by categories (Ebooks, Videos, Audios, etc.)
  • Simplified titles (ask her out, confidence, sexual attraction, etc.)
  • Catchy headlines(easiest way to ask her out, trigger sexual attraction, etc.)
There 2 things to consider here: how easy it is to navigate + How long would you actually stay on the site and which links would you actually click on?


2 or 3 columns?

Layout can be:

  • 2 columns = side bar with navigation to the left and main content area to the right much wider
  • 3 columns = menu on left + content center + right side bar with more navigation info, ads, product icons, social icons to connect, etc.

On the left side bar, which menu comes first? Products or topics?

I have now a design where every page has a menu for topics (like ask her out, flirting, rejection, etc) + a menu for products (Dating - ebooks, Dating - Videos, Dating - Audios, etc.)

  • Products on top?
  • Topics on top?

Link to coaching, advice and forum - On every topic area or not?

The links to coaching, advice and forum first always to the same page right now.

for each vertical menu for specific topics, I can have a menu that looks like:

  • Coaching - Advice - Ebook - Videos - Audios - Articles - Q & A - Forum - Success stories
  • Ebook - Videos - Audios - Articles - Q & A - Success stories

What type of navigation for the coaching area?

In the coaching area, do you want:

  • Just 7 links with the basic info: buy credits - How it works - Packages - etc
  • Or do you want a second section with even more info: get ready - for clients - 25% referral gift - etc 


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