Being true to yourself - What does it mean? - TIP

Here is an interesting idea I see a lot in the dating world.

People often believe that changing anything in the way you relate to others means betraying yourself or your nature...

Here is the comment a guy posted on one of my vids:


HIM - What if women don't like me for who I am? WHAT TO DO THEN?

ME - Who are you? What part of you is it that they don't like?

HIM - All I know is that being myself is what got me where I am. I have to be someone different, even if that's dishonest to everyone involved

ME - Spot in with CHANGING what does NOT work - Now there is nothing dishonest about doing things differently. Listen to what I am going to say because that's ESSENTIAL - This set of behaviors, attitudes and mind sets you call "You" are not you. They are simply a actions and emotions you adopted one day and got used to - You don't betray ANYTHING by changing them.

ME - The new attitudes that you create are YOU as much as the old ones - They are simply different expressions of who you can be, that's all! Believe me, no betrayal of anything here!


What do YOU think? Leave me your impressions in the comments below...


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