Addicted to the taste of cooked food? - TIP

Well, that's simply because you didn't yet try extensively raw food recipes.

You need to experiment!

I remember a couple of years ago preparing a raw cherry pie for a party.

I was blown away by people's reactions!

Their eyes opening up, a deep smile appearing on their lips.

I could see the total surprise they were experiencing.

They were LOVING IT!

And guess what?

For 95% of those who tasted this raw cherry pie, it was their first ever raw pie experience!

The raw options are never out there!

It's simply not yet embedded in the culture!

We are talking about thousands of years of conditioning!

I have dozens example like this one!

People trying a simple raw dish and realizing how incredibly delicious it can be!

That's when they wake up!

I saw people literally going into a mystical delightful trance by having a taste of a simple avocado mousse one of my friends prepared!

So, what's the conclusion?

First, that raw food can be as delicious or even more than any other cooked food!

Second that taste is the result of a life time of CONDITIONING!

The fact that you are not used to a certain taste doesn't mean that you won't like raw.

Third: taste is only one of the factors you should use to choose what you eat.

Other important factors are:
  • What's your experience while eating?
  • How do you feel 1 hour after eating?
  • What's the impact on your health long term?
  • How do you feel about the food you eat?
  • How does the food you eat impact on your mind?
  • What's the nutritious value of what you eat?
  • Etc.
Taste is really ONLY ONE of the factors you should consider!

I am always stunned when I hear people say something like "I don't really like vegetables..." and discard the whole raw idea just like that!

Discover some new recipes and you will LOVE IT!

+ Always cosnider as well the impact on your mind and body!

To your raw power!

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