How to shift to raw food when you have kids, a partner or friends who are not into it - TIP

This is one of the core strategies to succeed with raw food!

Most of you will have a partner or kids or friends you prepare meals for, right?

Sometimes, these people resist the idea of eating raw.

When you bring up the idea and talk about it, they often come up with loads of objections.

You can of course answer their questions and especially tell them clearly that YOU RESPECT THEIR CHOICES!

Often, your social circle or family feels threatened because they might feel that you try to impose your choices on them.

They might feel you judge them for not making the same choices as you do.

They might interpret that in fact as you telling them that you are a better person than them.

This often triggers a competitive, arguing or defensive response.

To avoid all that, tell them again things like:

  • The fact that I eat raw doesn't mean that I am a better person than you.
  • These are my choices and I am not here to challenge you or impose anything on you.
  • You can relax, I won't pressure you.
  • I totally respect your choices.
  • You are absolutely free to eat what you want.
  • Etc.

When you communicate that way, it releases the tension and allows everyone to relax.

Here is what you can do next:

When you are the one preparing meals, make big quantities of the raw and less of the cooked.

For instance, make twice as much salad. Ad some nuts, fresh greens and ad a nice raw dressing.

That way, when your kids, partner or friends will find it very easy to taste your dishes.

When I test this, I ALWAYS see people tasting these raw dishes and liking them.

I tested that with all sorts of recipes, with friends, family, kids.

It ALWAYS works.

You might need to refine your recipes and try this a few times if the first test is not a full success.

The point is that when people are confronted with raw choices, they usually try them and like them.

You have to let go of trying to convince those around you through discussions and arguments.

Instead, simply prepare the raw dishes and let them try them in their own time.

If they say, they don't really like it, LISTEN!

Understand why! They might have a point!

Listen very carefully to what they say and modify some recipes according to their wishes.

If you already are into raw food, it is something YOU can learn from as well.

I can tell you that, when I first started, I liked what I prepared but the smoothies and salads I prepared where not tasty enough for others.

I started adding more oils, fresh herbs nuts and seeds and now, these dishes are no longer just for me.

Others can enjoy them too.

One more point: don't try to get your family or social circle to shift to 100% raw at first.

That's one of the core mistakes you can make! Believing that it must be all or nothing.

It is absolutely NOT the case.

Give them all the space they need to evolve progressively, IN THEIR OWN TIME, to a healthier diet.

Once they get used to more salads, they might start preparing them themselves.

They might start with fresh smoothies.

What's important is that THEY OWN the choices they make!

...Rather then doing something because they feel forced to.

Give it a try and if you have a question or face a challenge with that, send me a mail with the exact situation you face.

I am 100% convinced that there is a solution for it.

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