I tried everything! - Nothing worked! - TIP

I am always stunned when I hear people using that one as an excuse not to get back in shape.

Think about it for a few seconds...


When you say you tried everything, you use what is called a cognitive distortion.

You overgeneralize one or a few experiences you had.

What you really mean to say is:
  • Here are the strategies I tried
  • Here are the road blocks I faced
  • Here is when I gave up
When you lay it down in this way, it makes it very easy to pin point exactly where this specific strategy failed to get you where you wanted to be.

You might realize that you tried dividing your daily calories intake by two, went on for a week, found it too hard to be hungry all the time and eventually gave up.

Or you might see that you decided to train 2 hours every day, after 1 month you started seeing some solid results. Then you faced some challenges at work which sent you off track with your training approach.

These are the REAL stories.

There is no shame in giving up.

No need to try to cover it up with some generalized statement that silently implies that you are simply not meant to be fit.

All these are excuses!

They are stories you tell yourself, family and friends to justify the fact that you did not reach your targets.

Here is the real truth:

For most people, feeling hungry sucks!

It is really that simple!

Most people can maintain a suppressive strategy for a few weeks but eventually run out of will power.

What about exercise routines?

Same story! It can feel like you get nowhere, running on a tread mill day after day!

Getting back in shape seems to burn most of your will power in no time.

This is REALITY.

I believe that's the reason why most people in fact give up on their weight loss resolutions.



No denial, ok?

Next time someone asks you your story, tell them the REAL story.

Yes, this could mean that they come up with a new solution for you and suggest you go back to battle.

That's the thing: when you give up, you go back to your comfort zone and stop fighting.

I know I am being tough on you here, but I simply want you to wake up because I care.

Staying or getting back in shape IS a battle.

If you want to give up, you will always find a ready made excuse to drop it.

On the other hand, I am 100% convinced that with some core solid strategies, anyone can be in good shape.

Your new motto from now on must be:


It is NOT rocket science!

To your power!

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