After one week of intensity training, results start showing up - NOTE

I started one week ago at the gym alternating with outdoor forest track and a bit of swimming.

Total an average of 2 hours training a day with body pump classes with weights and other aerobic followed by an hour weight training.

I feel I am burning good calories and feel as well, arms and chest getting way more defined.

Legs are already strong due to regular biking and jogging.

The point here was to get abs to be more defined and as well, leaner muscles in the chest and arms area.

So far, it does work and after just one week of this intense training, I feel my body's performance still rising.

With going full raw 3 months ago, I already felt my body getting closer to its 95% potential.

What was still imperfect had to do with still some unwanted fat on the belly area.

Some of it is gone.

I also carefully look at the calorie intake and make sure that I don't cross the line and stop eating before I am full.

With morning smoothies as well, I drink less than what I used to and wait to feel slightly hungry before drinking more.

Usually when lunch time comes, I am ready for the balanced energy mix with seeds, veges and flower.

So far, really so good.

This daily training schedule does require some solid discipline as I am training up to 3 hours some days.

Love it so far.

Some questions that arise:

Is there something I need to modify diet wise.

  • Should I go back to taking some protein in the form of fish or stick to a purely raw diet?
  • Should I cut a bit on oils?
  • is there something else I should try?

I have the feeling that the some of the belly fat left could melt faster but I am not sure how to do this faster...

I would love to find a strategy that gets these results faster.

I have the feeling that a strategy exists and I am not sure what it is yet.


By the way, I used to fluctuate between 74-78 kg

Now, I see that I fluctuate between 71-74 kg with natural daily variations up to 3 kg which is stunning.

I go to bed one day at 74 and wake up the following morning at 71.

This means that some solid metabolic processes go on even while I sleep.

This could be due to the healing process after training + hydration loss during the night.

I feel that this overall weight drop is due to going full raw.

I didn't make a solid effort before entering into this new intense training phase, so my guess is that dropping the cheese and going full raw did it.

I might have burned some visceral body fat and my figure looks lighter too. I feel lighter and enjoy any physical activity way more.

If I happen to overeat slightly at lunch, I feel the digestive impact in the afternoon very fast.

So, right now, I am really in the process of optimizing my calorie intake through feeling. I don't count calories but simply observe my hunger level.

I try to keep it at 0% and sometimes go slightly to 10% just before lunch. (not sure what scale to use for hunger levels, and how to quantify this - I'll need to check that)


I feel now lighter when I jog and got to Switzerland already in very good shape.

I noticed as well that aligning 3 hours training a day with 30 min uphill bike riding to the gym, fitness sessions followed by weight training is ok.

My body and mind can take it relatively easily.

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