The fire breath fills you - TIP

It is an ecstatic flow of delicious beauty that fills your whole being.

It is the awakening of your life force through this tantric sexual play.

The waves of desire that wake up in you are flames of pleasure.

They energize every cell in your body and while you feel these warm passionate lips kissing your whole body you are taken in the tantric trance.

Your Yoni is alive radiating while the Shiva Lingam gently penetrates you.

You are suddenly filled with Shiva's divine energy flow.

Freedom invades you like a wave of cosmic energy.

You touch eternity.

Bliss is all over you while you move your body in rhythm.

Your pleasure is complete and your two bodies are now dancing in rhythm, together.

Sex is delicious! You love it!

This feeling of connection keeps expanding.

You recognize yourself in his eyes.

You feel you mirror each other's energies.

You want more! You want to play!

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