Off to Shanghai tomorrow! / My books on amazon / New videos - NEWS


I am off to Shanghai tomorrow and will be there till Feb 23rd

This is a long shot but if you live in Shanghai or have a friend who lives there, I want to meet!

I am expanding my network while there and will be delighted to connect.

By the way, if you are client or planning to sign up for coaching, no worries, I offer complete continuity with my services while there.

Yes! I coach while I travel - Coaching sessions go on as usual. I simply coach from another location...

a few more news...

I have now a first collection of 12 of my titles on amazon:

These titles are available for Kindle as well on the link above.

Also, in the last 2 weeks, I posted a new set of videos on jealousy on my youtube channel:

There is a touch of promotion in these videos but content and tips are REALLY solid.

One last... Here is a video that introduces you to my coaching... Good one to watch:

Might be the wake up call you were waiting for...

Off to pack my small backpack now...

Talk soon! Keep thriving!


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