I'm taking charge of my own life

"Thanks Francisco!  I'm doing well, finally, as it has been six months since my wife moved out.  Although there where times not to recently when I was having a difficult time just staying alive while coping with the pain of her loss.

By projecting strength and an attitude that says I don't need her I have found my wife to be more receptive to me.  Still, part of what I'm doing is only the truth because I am getting ready to file for divorce in two days.  I really do need to get rid of her if all she wants to do is play her life in two separate fields -her play life and her personal family life with me.

I'm done waiting for her to come to her senses and I know I can do fine without her even if that's not what I really want to do I'm learning to adapt to that strong possibility.  I don't know how this will turn out but I'm taking charge of my own life and separating mine from hers.

If she decides she wants to change then that's her business and she can come at me with whatever promises she needs to make.  Either way I'm through playing her games.  I'm out!"


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