45 of my books on amazon!


Some good news for you over here!

My ebook collection is now on amazon:

The PAPERBACKS (12 titles - There seems to be a higher demand for the kindle/digital versions so I focused a bit more on those for now):

The KINDLES(41 titles):

I also went ahead and published my collection for NOOK (43 titles) which is the equivalent of the kindle but on Barnes & Noble:

here is the link to the NOOK books

Do you want to do something for me that would be really cool? You know these little "Like" buttons? They are everywhere on these books pages - would you mind clicking on them a bit (I mean A LOT ;)) to help with promotion.

Also I am sure you will find at least a couple of titles you like, I can use any word of mouth help I can get with those... Posting the links on your facebook, sending links to your friends, etc.

That would be cool! No pressure of course!

Whatever you feel inspired to.

Hope you like these new vital products!

ALL for you to enjoy!

Take good care! I send loads of positive vibes your way!


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