Your breathing exercise to awaken kundalini... It seems more like hyperventilation to me - Is that even healthy at all?


"I was just wondering where you learned your breathing exercise to awaken kundalini and yoga knowledge from? Ive never heard of this method as pranayama and it seems more like hyperventilation. Is that even healthy at all?" - Tim


Good questions! Thanks for asking!

Where I learned these techniques?

I started with some formal yogic pranayama and the techniques naturally evolved to new forms.

By the way, in my world, the fact that a technique doesn't exist doesn't mean that we can't invent it. Traditions and practices evolve organically according to our needs.

I am only accountable to myself. Nobody but me controls my experiences.


It definitely brings more oxygen into your body - it's like with anything in life, you need to find the right measure - some people practice these techniques for an hour at a time - I tend to go for shorter sequences of a few repetitions to a few minutes - If you try and feel that your body is not used to it, slow down and take it easy - No need to stress yourself.

Is that even healthy at all?

Best way to find out is to try with small steps. For instance you can start with 10 repetitions of deep breathing each day for a week and see how it feels.

When you finish a set, stay silent a close your eyes for a moment. Observe how it feel internally...

Your instinct is a powerful tool - Trust what you feel.

Does this answer your question?

Have fun! To your power!

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