I have really enjoyed your content and your super pleasant energy

"Dear Francisco,

I just started watching your videos 3 days ago, having run across them during my search for more information on Babaji. All your videos said 2 years old on them and I was worried you were no longer doing the content I had seen.

I love your work and I have watched all I could in the last few days that I had time to fit into my schedule, which at present, is loaded, like most of us. I am so happy to see your current videos and that you are on the path, sharing it with others, and I am extremely happy to have come to connect with what you have done and are doing. Thank you many,many times.

I am going to tell a few others I know about you, I have really enjoyed your content and your super pleasant energy, you are such a pleasure to learn from. I am actually so excited to see that you are in India and am praying for your highest good. I will watch all that you have sent to my email as soon as time permits, with joy!

Peace and Many Blessings"


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