Internet + Practical info if you travel to India


  • On my Iphone - I got my local vodafone SIM card in Delhi - calling and texting local or overseas no problem - internet access not working so far - Internet access on your cell phone won't work anyway if you change state (bought my sim card in Delhi which is in another state than where I am now in Rishikesh)
  • On my Iphone - I get wireless when at an internet cafe
  • Internet cafes - cheap and plenty of them in main centers - Where I am now in Rishikesh, you have a few choices on the main streets
  • On my laptop - can connect with wireless no problem when in an internet cafe
  • On my laptop - Got a USB modem with the MTS (Indian main state owned telecom company) - 1000 Rs (rupees) = $20 for 1 month unlimited internet access - You can buy them from small telecom shops - they are everywhere - In Delhi, you get 3G (high speed) - In smaller places like Rishikesh, I get a slow connection (similar to dial up) too slow for videos or even skype calling but enough to check email and facebook.
So far all these options (except for internet surfing on my iphone using my sim card) have been working problem free both in Delhi and Rishikesh.

My guess is that when I get to more remote places in the mountains, cell phone network will be less available. 

Also, cell phone network in Jammu & Kashmir is not available for national security reasons (Tensions with Pakistan) - Not sure about wireless internet

  • Airtel or Vodafone - You are all set for less $20 with plenty for credits - You can buy SIM card from small telecom shops anywhere in the city

  • Rickshaws - for local rides in cities - perfect
  • Local buses - tough rides - super cheap - dusty
  • Tourist buses - more luxurious - often with air con. - 5x more expensive than local buses but still cheap (count around 1000 Rs = $20 for a full day trip)
  • Shared taxis - jeeps - that's for trips to more remote areas - Around $20 for a whole day ride

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