Today's nutrition world is a battle field - You are bombarded daily by hundreds of marketing messages pushing you to consume stuff which is BAD for you - The winning tactics I give you in this book are long term success strategies - This is not a magic pill! - It is energy and motivation! - I write with the passion I have when helping my clients win these real life challenges - How do you easily shift a negative eating pattern? - How can you change if your kids demand junk food - A simple trick to enter a supermarket without getting tempted by the bad stuff - Why so much energy is put in marketing junk food and what to do about it - The number one reason why 80% of people fail when starting a new diet - And so many more questions answered - These are real life strategies! - I successfully designed them with my clients while they were being coached and often struggling with making the right choices - These tactics are the result of 10+ years of testing and experimenting on myself and with my coaching clients - NUTRITION IS SIMPLE! - It is not Rocket science! - This book will give you the answers and strategies you need to reset your mind and have massive breakthroughs in the realm of health and nutrition - You have one body FOR LIFE! - It is time to give it what it deserves - Powerful, healthy and energizing nutrition! - Here is your new battle plan!

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