Travelling together is one of the most transformative experiences you can have!

I am a super experienced traveller and often spend weeks or even months in exploratory trips in which I train specific aspects of my mind and body.

I often do that outdoor with a small tent and just the food I need.

I often take individuals or small groups on these journeys with me.

Here is an example of the recent 2 months trip I took to the Himalayas:

India 2011

Pricing for travelling with me?

I really consider case by case. I don't have a fixed price.

In my mind it could be anywhere between $0-$200/Day depending on your needs, experience and what other forms of compensations you offer me. Like for instance paying for my flight to our location or taking care of expenses like lodging and food while we travel together.

The best is to get in touch and if you feel you have a clear idea of what you want to invest in such trip, simply make me an offer.

If you have no idea, I'll happily suggest a win-win agreement we can both embrace.

If you feel a calling to travel with me and want to know future trips possibilities or want to suggest one, get in touch for a quick chat.

I'll tell you everything you need to know.

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