damnit please help me i think i have both types of jelousie..

"damnit please help me i think i have both types of jelousie..the justified is becouse he still have contacts with his ex girlfriend. They have same friend circle and they are friends for 12 years. he said he got over her bt i hate that they still friends and they all go make partys together and go on sea. as he saw i not trust and was nt agree, he ivited me to come with them on sea but i was decline.i didnt wanna just kick in cuz idunno his friends yet,we date only 4 months..i have this crazy thoughts about what he doing, where he is..and is driving me crazy and putiing disaster in my relationship, cuz i start nagging and being needy and ask him questions all time even though he say he loves me.How can i start trust him? how can i remove this insecurity? i love him so much, we get along good but when it comes to jelousie is all reaking up :S"

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